Jason vs. F. jasons real name is reddy


photo by Boogeyman13.

This picture is about Jason vs. Freddy. Jason is the one in the mask. Freddy if the one with a burned face. These two are brothers. Their are all types of movies about Jason and Freddy. Freddy is scared of fire because he got burned in a fire. Jason is scared of water because he was in camp and a bunch of kids always bullied him and he drowned because he does  not know how to swim. Freddys weapon is his knife claws. Jasons weapon is a giant machete. Freddy go´s in peoples dreams and kills them. Freddys real name is Freddy krueger. Jasons real name is Jason Voorhees. Jason is 6 feet and 5 inches tall. Freddy is 5 feet and 8 inches.  I like Jason because he is big, tall, strong. On Jason vs Freddy they fight and Freddy cuts open a water pipe and Jason wont go through it because he is afraid of water. That’s my story on Jason vs Freddy.


Why are their burglars? Cops should find all burglars. I think burglars are homeless lowlifes who dont care about anyone but their self. people need to get cameras, lasers, trip wire alarm system locks, bullet proof windows, and all of that security. I think people feel bad about other people breaking in to their house. I would be mad because i got my xbox, wii, games, kindle, ds, tv, dogs cloths, and my family. cops need to watch out more for burglars. the community is bad because it teaches little kids how to steal and if they steel then their wont be any thing else for anybody. their should be no stealing, breaking in to anybodys house and no burglars. they are all bad. i dont steel, my mom wont steel my dad dont steel but my sister used to steel but now she learned her lesson. thats my story of burglars.